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Pfff…Who Needs Relaxation? Create a Blog!

Pfff…Who Needs Relaxation? Create a Blog!

Educational Technology Makes Everything Easier = Oxymoron

The idea that we use technology to make our lives easier is funny because sometimes learning to use it (initially) makes things harder.  And, that’s OK.  I experience this all the time.  And,  I have recently found this to be especially true while creating this new WordPress blog about educational technology.

Learning New Tech Takes Time

You see,  during the summer I love to read.  I become immersed in books because it is relaxing and rejuvenating!  It’s my escapist pleasure.  This summer, however, I decided to flip the coin and dive into writing more than reading. My rationale was simple. I have created classroom websites before, and I’ve helped students create their own Google websites. I thought creating a blog would be a fun summertime hobby.  Well, I was right!  This has been fun!  However, the realization dawned that reading is a walk in the woods, and creating a blog from scratch is akin to scaling the rocky peaks of a mountain.  I could have gone with a more user-friendly platform, but I wanted the flexibility and performance that a site like this can offer.  I just had to commit to it.

The Learning Curve is a Slope

The tricky part for me was climbing mountainous slopes of actually assembling the website itself.  It is a creative endeavor; it takes work.  Navigating hosting services, WordPress templates, customized headers, plugins (I love plugins), gadgets, et cetera, can be daunting!  Even though deeper learning of technology can be time-consuming, the process is valuable! Many things that I have learned can be used for my classroom, and for my own professional development.  So, if anyone reading this thinks this might be fun, this is a great beginning tutorial: WordPress Beginner Tutorial

Almost There…

For those of you who found me, you are witnessing my first plateau during this climb.  I am feeling very accomplished at this moment; it’s time for an exciting summer of blogging about my favorite topic: educational technology!  Not quite as relaxing as reading, but gratifying just the same.

My next topic:  Form Publisher and ways that you can use it in the classroom.